Police: Man stole $2,500 Chihuahua puppy


In a brazen act of dog-napping on Monday, a man walked into a Shakopee pet store and then casually strolled out with a $2,500 longhair Chihuahua puppy tucked under his arm, the Star Tribune reported. The thief escaped in a getaway car.

Patch has the store surveillance video that shows the pooch poach.

Investigators have other clues, too, including a microchip in the 9-week-old, 3-pound pup that will now alert any vet that the dog is stolen. Police also have a vehicle description (blue late-1990s Volkswagen Passat) and license plate (Minnesota 768BDA) of the getaway car.

The man had asked to see the puppy, so store employees offered to let him get to know the dog in a special pen in the store. He walked out with dog a minute later, store owners said.

“He said he hadn’t had a puppy since he was a kid. So she took him over to one of our playrooms here,” Heather Latko, owner of the Petland, told WCCO.

Here's the missing pet alert.

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