Police: Man vandalized air conditioners because he doesn't like them

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Police say a Wisconsin man has been vandalizing air conditioners in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin, area because he simply "doesn't like air conditioning," according to reports.

Police say a 52-year-old Appleton man admitted to taking control switches from the units, but he didn't steal them for the metals inside to resell them, Appleton police said on Facebook.

Sgt. David Lund told the Associated Press that the suspect would ride his bicycle around and rip out the control switches in the air conditioners and just throw them away.

Appleton police have received at least 12 reports of broken air conditioners from residences, a dentist's office and a gas station, the AP says.

Lund added that different things set people off, and in this case apparently it was air conditioners.

The man, who is on probation, hasn't been arrested or charged, but his probation agent is keeping a close eye on him, WTAQ reports. Charges have been forwarded to the Outagamie County district attorney's office.

Lund told WTAQ that they are requesting restitution as part of the charges.

Although police say the man didn't steal the metal to resell, there have been some unique cases that thieves have done just that. In 2013, suspects took metal theft to a whole new level when they stole an entire building from a man's property in Baker, Minnesota.

This strange crime isn't the only one that's been committed. The television network TLC has a list of the 10 weird crimes people have committed. The website True Crime Report also has a series of strange crimes.

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