Police: Man wearing GPS ankle monitor breaks into Duluth home


A Duluth man is charged with breaking into a Lincoln Park home, then assaulting and robbing the homeowner – and police say he was wearing a GPS ankle monitor the whole time.

Duluth Police say Tommy Ray Morgan Sr. is charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree assault, and first-degree robbery in connection with the May 18 home invasion. The 27-year-old was on pretrial supervised release and required to wear an ankle monitor after being charged with the robbery of a Subway restaurant in April. Police say data from the GPS monitor shows Morgan was at the residence at the time of the crime.

According to police:

A woman in a residence on the 2600 block of West Fourth Street awoke around midnight on May 18 to the sound of someone inside her home. A suspect wearing a mask entered her bedroom, then demanded money and jewelry. The woman objected, and the suspect responded by smashing her in the face with a glass vase.

The suspect – who police believe broke in a door to enter the house – then took the victim's cellphone, purse and a box of jewelry, and fled the scene. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious non-life threatening injuries.

Police later tracked activity from a credit card stolen in the robbery to 100 block of North 26th Avenue West – a residence where Morgan had been staying since his pretrial release. A search warrant turned up a handful of items stolen in the robbery, including the victim's jewelry and cellphone.

In addition, GPS data from Morgan's ankle monitor shows he was at the Lincoln Park house when the home invasion occurred. Morgan reportedly cut off the ankle monitor the day after the robbery.

Morgan is charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree assault, and first-degree robbery.

Previous Incidents

Morgan was previously charged with first-degree robbery in connection with an April 25 incident, when a nearby Subway restaurant was robbed.

According to Northland's News Center, police say he robbed the restaurant at gunpoint, forcing the cashier to hand over money and taking a wallet from a customer. The station says he was arrested a few blocks away after police tracked his footprints in the snow.

Duluth Police say Morgan has convictions ranging back to 2006, including obstructing police, driving after a suspension, providing a false name, misdemeanor theft, felony theft, criminal damage to property, and felony financial transaction fraud.

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