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Police recovered 2 guns from Lois Riess' hotel room

The Minnesotan has been arraigned in Texas.
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Lois Riess has been arraigned in Texas and is expected to be extradited for further investigation.

Her first stop will not be Minnesota, but Florida, where she has already been charged with the killing of Pamela Hutchinson earlier this month.

Minnesota has not yet formally charged her with the murder of her husband David on Mar. 23, instead charging her with theft of money taken from his account.


– Caught at a restaurant, Lois Riess unarmed when police found her.

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Her extradition to Florida will give Minnesota investigators more time to strengthen their case against her before she returns to her home state.

In a statement on Saturday, police reveal they found two guns in the hotel room she checked out in South Padre Island, Texas prior to being caught at a nearby bar.

One of those guns was a .22 caliber, the other a 9-mm. 

She is being held without bond in Texas and was transported to jail later on Saturday.

KARE 11 notes that Florida is expected to pursue the fullest prosecution against the 56-year-old grandmother, which could include pushing for the death penalty.

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