Police respond to car crash, find pony in front seat

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This is a new one.

Minneapolis Police Officers responded to a car crash in the city's downtown Saturday, and when authorities got to the Ford Explorer, they found a Shetland pony inside.

" target="_blank">Here's the story, straight from the police department:

John Elder with the department told BringMeTheNews the driver wasn't given a citation in regards to the pony. In Minneapolis it's illegal to keep a hoofed animal, though it is OK if an animal is "being transported expeditiously" through the city.

The animal was not injured – where it and the driver went afterwards isn't known, Elder said.

The Shetland pony is the smallest breed of horse, Encylopaedia Britannica says, though on average are still about 40 inches tall and according to PetBreeds weigh about 450 pounds. They originate from the Shetland Islands in Scotland.

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