Police investigate if dog's death in Lakeville is linked to tainted treats

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Police are investigating whether a dog's death in Lakeville could be linked to tainted treats that have been harming animals around the neighborhood.

An alert to pet owners was issued by police in the Twin Cities suburb earlier this month, after nails, screws, pins, balls of steel wool and pills were found hidden in hot dogs and other dog treats. Several pets then ate them and had to be hospitalized.

On its Facebook page, the Lakeville Police said that a dog was found dead by its owner on Thursday, and that detectives on the pet poisoning case are working with veterinarians to determine the exact cause of death.

Police have warned residents in the area south of Lake Marion, near Jacquard Ave. and Upper 205th to closely monitor their pets and report any suspicious items to police.

The pet is believed to have lived at a home in 205th Court West, according to KSTP, and a friend of the pet owner said a vet told them the dog had been fed a food item "soaked in antifreeze" and died of organ failure.

Police are still advising pet owners who walk their animals in the area to use caution, saying pets should be leashed to prevent them from eating anything harmful, and to monitor items in yards that don't belong.

FOX 9 reports that it could be the second death of a dog in the area to be linked to the contaminated treats, and KARE 11 reports that police are now offering a $500 to find the culprit.

One pet owner, Lindsay Durland, told WCCO she had to have 11 screws removed from her dog's stomach after they ate several treats, while another of her dogs ate a hot dog which contained an open safety pin.

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