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Police search for the tooth behind St. Paul grill store robbery

And if you're going to rob a place, don't leave behind your contact information.

The men who robbed a grill store in St. Paul left behind some pretty significant clues.

One of the clues was contact information for a grill one of the men had ordered before carrying out the robbery on Wednesday, the other was a mold of his teeth.

Meanwhile, another of the men was just picking up a grill he'd ordered – for which he'd also left contact information.

Yes, at least two of the six or seven suspects involved in the robbery at Eastside Grillz at Arcade and Cook was a customer just seconds before, giving the store owner vital information police are now using to try and track him down.

According to a police report, the young men aged 17-20 years old entered the store around 1:35 p.m. Wednesday when an employee said he felt like they were trying to distract him.

St. Paul police spokesman Mike Ernster told GoMN the worker then noticed two envelopes containing about $500 were missing from a drawer that had been opened.

When he tried to remove two other envelopes, containing $755 between them, one of the men snatched them and they all ran out of the store, escaping in two vehicles.

Now police are investigating the details left behind by two of the suspects, and will also look into whether the tooth mold for the grill (jewelry worn over the teeth, if you didn't know) can be used to match one of them with the robbery.

The Pioneer Press spoke to business owner Kari Schill, who said she didn't think the men really thought through the robbery considering how much information they left behind.

"This robbery affects me as a business owner, as this is money that I have to replace out of my own pocket and it’s unfortunate we live in a time where people feel the need to take what they want instead of work hard and earn what they want," she added.

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