Police to resume search for vehicle spotted in Mississippi River

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Investigators are expected to continue their search for a vehicle in the Mississippi River on Monday morning, according to reports.

Authorities don't know if there is anyone inside the vehicle.

At a Sunday afternoon news conference, an investigator with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office told reporters that a vehicle spotted in the Mississippi River Sunday morning was inaccessible because the rain and strong river current has made it impossible for crews to get a look at it.

"The water is just wicked," said Darrell Huggett with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Dept.

The report of the car came in just before 9 a.m. Sunday when a jogger reported seeing it near the 10th Avenue bridge and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, WCCO reports.

The place in the river where the vehicle was spotted has been marked with a buoy, and investigators are reviewing routine surveillance video recorded from cameras near the river. Little is known about the vehicle, which was described as gray or silver.

The Hennepin County Water Patrol and other emergency responders from other agencies were on the scene on both sides of the river, MPR News says.

FOX 9 notes the vehicle could have been a stolen car that was dumped in the water.

Investigators Sunday said they have had no missing persons report in connection with the vehicle.

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