Police seek info on threatening graffiti found at Burnsville High School


The Burnsville Police Department is investigating a recent rash of graffiti, including an unsettling tag found at Burnsville High School.

According to Principal Dave Helke, "DNH Mafia" was written in a boy's bathroom last week, along with the date "11-1-2013" and the phrase "last man standing."

Police suspect that the individual or individuals behind the graffiti are referencing the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Helke said in a recorded message to parents. In the game, DNH stands for Demonized Noble Heroes.

FOX 9 reports there have been 12 incidents of "DNH Mafia" graffiti in the city over the summer and into fall.

Helke asks parents to contact the school or school resource officer Leslie Perry "if you have heard anyone talking about this graffiti or if you have seen these phrases associated with anyone or their possessions."

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