Police stress gun safety after in-laws accidentally shoot each other, twice


The Chaska Police Department is stressing the importance of gun safety after three in-laws were accidentally shot by other family members on two different occasions.

According to the department's weekly newsletter, Chief Scott Knight recalls an event a "short while ago" when officers responded to a home where a man had shot his father-in-law in the foot. It turns out alcohol was not involved, the accidental shooting was a result of "negligent weapon handling," Knight said.

Last weekend, officers visited the home again.

During a friendly game of Monopoly, the father-in-law accidentally shot himself in the hand. The bullet went right through his hand and struck his wife in the stomach. Again, Knight said alcohol wasn't a factor in that case either.

"We again offer this sage advice to all who fail to accept the great responsibility that is incumbent upon you in regard to guns," Knight said in the newsletter. "Respect them. Don’t play with them. Keep them unloaded and locked up, at home."

The victims in the second incident ended up receiving treatment at the Hennepin County Medical Center. The severity of their injuries is unclear.

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