Police: Theft suspect on tricycle had $8 million in checks

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A 35-year-old man riding an adult-size tricycle was stopped by St. Paul police Monday evening after a similar bike was reported stolen in West St. Paul.

The tricycle turned out not to be the one cops were looking for, but a search of the backpack that the man was carrying found checks and photocopied checks from Xcel Energy totaling $8 million, the Star Tribune reported.

About two hours before the arrest, a break-in was reported a few blocks from where the arrest occurred.

The man is accused of breaking into a St. Paul garage and stealing Betsy Dullum's backpack from her car, which also included a laptop and other company documents in addition to the checks.

The utility acknowledged that the paperwork stolen was Xcel's and the company is looking into the situation, the newspaper says.

The suspect remains in custody on suspicion of burglary, identity theft and theft.

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