Police think father's email account holds vital information on Barway Collins' death


Police investigating the murder of 10-year-old Barway Collins want to analyze the email account of his father as they believe it may hold clues to his death.

KSTP reports that a search warrant application has been submitted asking a judge to allow detectives to analyze a laptop computer Pierre Collins is believed to have hidden under a couch cushion, after he and his wife were told to turn over all electronic devices during the investigation of Barway's disappearance.

As part of a separate application, FOX 9 says police want permission to access a Yahoo email account belonging to Collins.

The application also alleges that Collins withdrew $6,000 from his bank account a month before his son went missing from outside his home in Crystal on March 18.

In particular, according to the Star Tribune, officers want to search his email account because they suspect Collins may have used it to communicate with a man Barway referred to as his "uncle" in the last video of him alive.

Footage from his school bus showed him saying "there's my dad" and "oh, my uncle's here" as the bus pulled up outside the Cedarwood apartment complex where he lived on March 18, but the identity of this supposed "uncle" has never been determined.

Barway's body was found bound by duct tape in the Mississippi River at the North Mississippi Regional Park on April 11.

Collins is currently in jail charged with the second-degree murder of his son. He is due to make his next court appearance next week.

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