Police: Woman found wrapped in blanket died of natural causes

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Police say a woman whose body was found wrapped in a blanket in a wooded area of St. Paul over the weekend died of natural causes – but mysteries linger in the case.

Among the unanswered questions: Who moved her body?

Police had originally said 39-year-old Rahel Niguesse's death was "suspicious," even arresting a person of interest in her death earlier this week.

Police arrested Niguesse's acquaintance Monday after her body was found behind the 64-year-old man's apartment building on the 1400 block of Minnehaha Avenue East Saturday night, but he was released from jail Tuesday, pending further investigation, police said.

Police told the Pioneer Press that Niguesse's body had been moved to the spot where she was found and the 64-year-old man "had direct involvement." The Star Tribune says the man may still face charges for "tampering" with the body. Police plan to present the case to prosecutors to consider charges against him, reports say.

Niguesse's brother told the Pioneer Press that she took insulin for diabetes and had struggled with alcohol problems.

Nigusse's death is the second police have investigated in the area near the man's Minnehaha Avenue apartment building, the Pioneer Press says. The newspaper says that the 64-year-old man's wife was fatally stabbed in the couple's apartment in May, and police have charged her ex-boyfriend in that case.

Nigusse was in the apartment at the time of the woman's death, the newspaper notes, and family said she had been depressed after witnessing the stabbing.

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