Police: Woman threatens to kill McDonald's workers, then jokes about it and walks out

A strange scene at a McDonald's in central Minnesota Wednesday night.

A woman who walked into a McDonald's, demanded cash and then threatened to kill people, before walking away and saying she was a reporter after the manager refused to give her anything.

This happened at 7:20 p.m. Wednesday night at a McDonald's in Foley, Minnesota, police said in a news release. A woman wearing jeans and a purple sweatshirt, with sunglasses on, walked into the restaurant and said she wanted to speak to the manager.

According to police:

She told the manager to empty the safe for her. The manager didn't, and instead tried to get her to take food or a drink instead.

She proceeded, multiple times, to threaten to kill everyone in the store. Yet at no point did she show a gun, or even make any movement indicating she had one.

The woman then began to joke about what she said, claimed she was "a reporter," then walked away.

Foley police were not able to find anyone matching the description, but say it's possible the suspect got in a white car that was in the area at the time.

They also don't think the public is in any real danger, but are asking for help identifying the woman. She's described as being about 5-foot-5 and in her mid-30s, slender and with curly dark hair. There's that surveillance photo provided by the police above for reference.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Foley Police Department at 320-968-0800, or Benton County Dispatch at 320-968-7201.

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