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Poll: Franken, Dayton lead by 10+ points


DFLers Sen. Al Franken and Gov. Mark Dayton have solid leads in their re-election bids, according to a new survey by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling.

– In potential head-to-head match-ups with possible GOP contenders, Franken leads by 10 to 13 points:

Franken 49, Chris Dahlberg, 39
Franken 49, Mike McFadden, 38
Franken 50, Jim Abeler, 39
Franken 49, Julianne Ortman, 37
Franken 49, Monti Moreno, 36

– Dayton leads 10 to 12 points in potential one-on-one races:

Dayton 48, Scott Honour, 38
Dayton 48, Kurt Zellers, 38
Dayton 48, Jeff Johnson, 37
Dayton 48, Marty Seifert, 37
Dayton 48, Dave Thompson, 37
Dayton 48, Julie Rosen, 36

Public Policy Polling conducts surveys primarily for Democrats, the Pioneer Press notes. In this case, the group polled 895 Minnesota voters, including an oversample of 305 usual Republican primary voters, between October 27-29.

The overall margin of error was +/- 3.3 percent, and +/- 5.7 percent for the GOP portion, the Pioneer Press notes.

Franken holds a sizable lead in fundraising over any of his potential challengers. He had $3.9 million squirreled away, according to recent campaign finance documents.

Dayton had raised $628,457 this year through September.

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