Poll: Minnesotans support higher taxes on wealthy, not extension of sales tax


A majority of respondents to the Star Tribune's Minnesota Poll endorse the idea of raising the income taxes paid by the state's wealthiest residents.

54 percent support the new income tax bracket that would affect individuals earning at least $150,000 and couples earning $250,000 or more.

But another centerpiece of Gov. Mark Dayton's proposed tax changes -- extending a newly-lowered sales tax to a wide range of currently untaxed businesses -- is opposed by 64 percent of respondents.

When asked specifically about the plan to apply the sales tax to clothes that cost $100 or more, Minnesotans were almost equally divided.

Gov. Dayton told the newspaper he's not surprised by public opposition to new taxes. He says support for the proposal will grow as more people learn that the revenue will buy down their property taxes and boost education funding.

Dayton said last week that the smaller budget deficit contained in the new state economic forecast will cause him to tweak his budget plan, but the changes will not be dramatic.

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