Poll shows Dayton's popularity at new low; re-tooling of budget in works


As Governor Dayton met with his tax and budget advisers to craft his plan B, a poll suggests his plan A may have hurt Dayton's popularity among Minnesotans.

The Star Tribune Minnesota Poll found 45 percent of respondents approve of the governor's performance. That's down from 53 percent in September and is the lowest figure since Dayton became governor.

Reasons for the decline are open to interpretation. One possibility, though, might be Dayton's newly discarded plan to extend a reduced state sales tax to a host of services that have traditionally been exempt from the tax.

Dayton announced on Friday that his reworked budget plan will not include the sales tax extension, which was strenuously opposed by business groups and faced uncertain prospects at the Legislature.

Dayton plans to release his revised budget proposal on Tuesday.

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