'Poo-Dough' among the most dangerous toys for 2015, group says


Black Friday is just around the corner, and the holiday shopping season is almost in full swing.

That means consumer watchdog groups are coming out with their annual lists of toys they say could be dangerous for your kids.

The Massachusetts-based World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (WATCH) released its annual list of nominees for the "10 Worst Toys of 2015" Wednesday. The groups says toys like velociraptor claws and "Poo-Dough" could be potentially hazardous to kids.

Here's the list, and why WATCH says they're dangerous:

  • Bud Skipit's Wheely Cute Pull Along. Hazard: "Potential for choking injuries."
  • Foam dart gun. Hazard: "Realistic toy weaponry."
  • Stats' 38" quick-folding trampoline. Hazard: "Potential for head, neck and other bodily injuries."
  • Poo-Dough. Hazard: "Potential for allergy-related injuries (warning label says it contains wheat)."
  • Splat X Smack Shot. Hazard: "Potential for eye injuries."
  • Kick Flipper. Hazard: "Potential for head and impact injuries."
  • Leonardo's Electronic Stealth Sword. Hazard: "Potential for blunt force injuries."
  • Kid Connection doctor play set. Hazard: "Potential for ingestion and choking injuries."
  • Pull Along Zebra: Hazard: "Potential for strangulation and entanglement injuries."
  • Jurassic World velociraptor claws. Hazard: "Potential for eye and facial injuries."

But before you completely avoid purchasing one of the "10 Worst Toys," the Toy Industry Association wants consumers to know that all toys for sale in the U.S. go through strict safety requirements, including 100 safety tests and are certified by an independent, it told The Associated Press, noting WATCH doesn't test the toys itself.

In November 2014, the association published a report disputing claims by organizations that say toys are unsafe, noting from 2008-2013, toys from one group's annual list – "Trouble in Toyland" – were never recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

For the latest toy recalls, click here. The CPSC also has toy safety tips and other safety tips for kids on its website.

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