Postcard arrives in Duluth with 1945 postmark, 44-cent stamp


Didn't the Hardy Boys have a mystery like this?

A Duluth couple is engrossed in some amateur sleuthing after receiving a postcard from the past. As in 1945.

Sent by a sailor who was training to serve in World War II, the postcard featuring a photo of a submarine bears a 1945 postmark along with a modern-day 44-cent stamp.

Tyler Scouton and Kelly Mullan initially dismissed the card, thinking it couldn't possibly be legit. But, as Northland's News Center reports, by the end of the evening they were poring over the deed to the house, census records, and family trees.

Their research has revealed that both the sender of the card and the addressee have died, but Scouton is tracking down descendants to learn more. The Duluth News Tribune reports he's made contact with the great-granddaughter of the intended recipient and a cousin of the sender.

And of course, apart from the biographical blanks there's another outstanding question: Where the heck has this postcard been for 68 years and who slapped that stamp on it??

You can follow along as the mystery unfolds because one of the first responses of Scouton and Mullan was the establishment of a website to send their questions - and the limited answers they have - to the rest of the world. It's called Postcard from Yesterday.

It's a good bet the young sailor who signed the postcard never dreamed it would land in cyberspace. Even the Hardy Boys probably couldn't anticipate that.

Here's the Northland's News Center report:


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