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Nightmare avoided – train and bus workers won't strike for Super Bowl LII

Twin Cities bus and train workers won't strike for Super Bowl LII.

The Essentials

1. A group of Twin Cities train and bus workers that had threatened to strike during Super Bowl festivities won't actually be doing so.

2. The ATU Local 1005 union voted overwhelmingly Monday (with 82 percent in favor) to accept the latest contract proposal from the Metropolitan Council. They'd been negotiating since May.

3. The union – which represents about 2,500 Metro Transit bus drivers, light rail operators, technicians and other staff – had said previous proposals didn't do enough to address worker safety

What else you should know

A light rail and bus worker strike in the days before Super Bowl LII could have caused an enormous disruption in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis says it's expecting 125,000 visitors for that week, and a total of about 1 million visits to all the different Super Bowl-related events that are happening.

Organizers are clearly expecting some stress on public transportation, partly due to security requirements (the city even wants some National Guard help). 

Metro Transit won't allow normal access to the light rail the day of the Super Bowl (Feb. 4) – you'll need a ticket to the game plus a special pass if you want to use the Blue Line at all, or the Green Line from Stadium Village into Minneapolis. There will be free replacement buses though.

Other routes will be detoured as well, Metro Transit says

Imagine if 2,500 operators and maintenance workers suddenly weren't available for that huge rush.

Union President Mark Lawson told the Star Tribune the approved contract is a "fair compromise."

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