Powerball ticket sales bounce in Minnesota, jackpot hits $212 million - Bring Me The News

Powerball ticket sales bounce in Minnesota, jackpot hits $212 million

Minnesota lottery players are eagerly plunking down their cash for $2 Powerball tickets as the jackpot soars to $212 million. That could grow further by Wednesday night's drawing.

It's no $640 million, which was a record Mega Millions jackpot earlier this spring.

But the Powerball lottery is up to $212 million, nothing to sneeze at, and Minnesotans are lining up to buy winning tickets, which now cost $2 each, WCCO reports.

A couple more rollovers could put the game across the $300 million mark, seen by Powerball only once in nearly five years, Philly.com reports. It's the year's third biggest jackpot, trailing the $336.4 million won in Rhode Island in February, and the $241 million snagged in Iowa in June.

Powerball is played in 42 states.

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Each ticket for the multi-state lottery will cost $2 starting January 15. Powerball lottery officials made the announcement this past summer. The starting jackpot will also double from $20 million to $40 million. Powerball is revamping some rules that will slightly improve the odds of winning.