Powerball tickets make a great Mother's Day gift, says the Minnesota Lottery

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the Minnesota Lottery is encouraging buying Powerball tickets for tonight’s $415 million jackpot as great last-minute gifts for mom.

"Nothing says love like a chance to win millions!" the Minnesota Lottery said in a press release.

While it pales in comparison to the record-breaking $1.58 billion jackpot from January, the drawing tonight is still the seventh largest Powerball jackpot in history, the organization said.

However, you or your mom's chances at winning the jackpot are extremely slim — about one in 292 million, according to Powerball estimates. The chances that flowers, chocolate or even a sincere "I love you" will be appreciated more than a lottery ticket are maybe better odds.

Since the current jackpot has been growing since March 5, $2.5 million have been raised for Minnesota's General Fund and $2 million for Minnesota's environment off of $11.1 million in sales.

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