Premature tweet: 'Walker running for president' message sent 3 days early


It's no secret, really, that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is going to run for president. He's scheduled to officially announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination in a speech Monday afternoon in Waukesha.

But someone on Twitter got out ahead of the news a little bit, when a tweet from Walker's official account went out Friday evening, saying: "Scott Walker is running for president," the Associated Press reports.

The tweet was quickly deleted, and Twitter said it's investigating how the message was sent out prematurely.

"We're looking into today's issue, and we've determined the Walker team was not at fault," Twitter spokesman Nu Wexler said, according to CNN, although it's not yet clear how the error occurred.

Walker's press secretary AshLee Strong said afterward, "We're happy Twitter confirmed this wasn't Team Walker's post and are investigating what happened."

His campaign also tweeted a message urging supporters to "stay tuned" for Walker's official announcement on Monday, CNN reports.

Walker has been traveling around the country for months, speaking to conservative groups and making several stops in Iowa, the first caucus state in the election season - even though he hadn't formally declared himself a candidate.

When he does so on Monday, he'll become the 15th Republican in the field, and two others are expected to announce in the next few weeks - Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, CNN notes.

Walker will sign the new Wisconsin state budget into law on Sunday afternoon, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, keeping his pledge to finish the budget process before his presidential announcement.

The two-year $72.7 billion budget freezes taxes, cuts funding for the University of Wisconsin system by $250 million and does little to address the long-term funding of transportation projects in the state, the Journal Sentinel reports.

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