President announces health care revisions; Minnesota impact unclear


Saying "we fumbled the rollout on this health care law," President Barack Obama Thursday announced a fix to a key component of the Affordable Care Act. The change will allow Americans who are losing their coverage to keep their plans for up to a year before being forced into coverage that meets the new standards. ABC News reported the move comes in response to criticism from consumers experiencing cancellations or major changes to existing insurance policies. The President had promised that consumers who liked their health plans could keep them when the new law began.

The Associated Press says it's not yet clear what a revision to the federal health law may mean to Minnesota, according to the state Commerce Department, which regulates Minnesota insurance companies.

In Minnesota, insurance companies aren't allowed to cancel plans outright. But insurance companies have sent notices to at least 140,000 people saying their existing policy could be altered. A statement from the Department of Commerce says officials are working with state and federal officials to determine how Obama's announcement will affect Minnesota.

On Wednesday, a national report showed that the 14state-run exchanges, including MNsure, had the best outcome for consumer signing up for coverage. Nearly 4,300 consumers have used MNsure to choose a plan or obtain coverage.

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