President-elect Donald Trump meets with Obama at the White House

It was an historic – and potentially a little awkward – moment.

It was an historic – and potentially a little awkward – moment.

President-elect Donald Trump met with President Barack Obama for 90 minutes to kick off what Obama said he hopes is a smooth transition of power.

The sitting president called the meeting "excellent" and told Trump that his administration wants "to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed the country succeeds," The Associated Press says. Trump said Obama is a "very good man," and that he's looking forward to his "counsel."

Thursday's meeting marked a presidential tradition and the end of an era, but also was the first time Trump met Obama, and it comes after years of both men being highly critical of one another.

Trump was an outspoken member of the "birther movement," calling for Obama to prove where he was born. He has also vowed to repeal Obama's health care law and dismantle the nuclear deal with Iran, among other things the president has enacted.

Then there's Obama, who didn't hold back on his criticisms for Trump during the campaign, saying he's "unfit" to be president and probably shouldn't be trusted with nuclear codes.

Regardless of their differences, both men say they are looking forward to working together in the weeks to come.

"I have been very encouraged by the interest by the President-elect Trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. I believe that it is important for all regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges we face," Obama said, according to the Washington Post.

First lady Michelle Obama also met with Trump's wife Melania Trump, and Vice President Joe Biden is expected to meet with Vice President-elect Mike Pence Thursday afternoon, reports say.

Here are some more tweets from the historic day at the White House.

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