President Trump will be in North Dakota on Wednesday

Trump is set to talk about tax reform.

The president will land in North Dakota on Wednesday to talk about his party's long-awaited tax reforms.

President Trump confirmed via Twitter that he will be giving his tax reform and cuts speech on Wednesday, saying "We are the highest taxed nation in the world – that will change."

This statement has been contradicted by several commentators on Wednesday morning, who point out that while the U.S. has one of the highest top marginal corporate tax rates in the developed world, deductions and exclusions mean that companies actually pay much less, as Politifact explains.

Individual taxes, meanwhile, are much lower in the U.S. than they are in many other major nations.

Interestingly, joining Trump on Air Force One will be Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, the Democrat who lives in the city of Mandan, where Trump will be giving his speech.

The Minnesota-born Heitkamp will attend the speech at an oil refinery company, with the LA Times reporting that Trump is hoping to gain Democratic support for a proposal that is expected to revolve heavily around slashing corporate tax rates.

In a statement, Heitkamp said she welcomed Trump's visit to North Dakota, saying state residents "are eager to hear more about his tax reform plans."

The Washington Post notes that Heitkamp's presence is being heralded as a sign Trump's plans has some element of bipartisan support, though it adds that considering Trump carried North Dakota by 36 percentage points last year, she may see political advantage in being friendly to Trump.

Prepared notes obtained ahead of his speech show that Trump is expected to point out that under the last meaningful tax reform passed in the U.S., by President Reagan in 1986, North Dakota's Democratic senator voted in favor.

Trump also tweeted on Wednesday morning that he and his team would be monitoring events in the west Atlantic, as the category 5 Hurricane Irma makes landfall in the Caribbean and is headed towards Florida.

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