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President Trump's chief of staff got fired today

Wisconsin native Reince Priebus lasted 6 months

President Trump replaced White House chief of staff Reince Priebus Friday, hours after a Republican effort to rewrite the nation's health care law was defeated in the Senate.

After announcing that he'd be replaced by former Marine General John F. Kelly, the president used Twitter to thank Priebus for his work.

Priebus was the only member of the president's inner circle with a background in the political establishment. He joined the Trump White House after five years as chairman of the Republican National Committee. That means he had worked with all the Republicans elected to Congress in recent years, particularly House Speaker Paul Ryan, a fellow Wisconsinite.

NBC News says the GOP failure to get a health care bill through Capitol Hill is what doomed Priebus as chief of staff.

The New York Times describes his six months in the White House as "stormy." They say Trump had become convinced that Priebus was not strong enough and he wanted a general in the position.

Kelly has been serving the administration as Secretary of Homeland Security. Trump tweeted that Kelly has done "a spectacular job" in that role, adding "He has been a true star of my Administration."

Internal battles in the White House

In the early days of the Trump administration, there was an expectation that Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon would be competing for the president's ear. But any feuding between those two was overshadowed by last week's arrival of Trump's new communications direcor, Anthony Scaramucci.

In an interview with The New Yorker on Wednesday Scaramucci attacked both Priebus and Bannon in profane terms, calling Priebus "a f---ing paranoid schizophrenic" and vowing that the chief of staff would soon be asked to resign.

That came true the very next day, according to the Wall Street Journal, which reports the open tension between the men was considered unsustainable.

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