Prince has 6 heirs who will inherit what he left behind

13 months after his death, there are finally some answers on who will get Prince's estate.

Prince died without a will. Meaning it was unclear who exactly would stand to inherit the estimated $200 million in belongings he left behind.

Now we've got an answer.

The courts Thursday determined Prince Rogers Nelson has six official heirs: His sister Tyka Nelson, and five other half-siblings (Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, and John R. Nelson).

That means all six are in line to get a portion of Prince's estate, which is generally what people expected. Billboard reported in November the six of them were in line to equally split the estate, though warned the final value of it could change.

Because Prince didn't have a will, the courts had to go through a lengthy process to figure out who was a rightful heir.

The final figure of six is way fewer than the number of people who claimed to be related to Prince. Last August the court said 29 others who claimed they were family were in fact not. That included 18 people who said they were Prince's kids, and another man who claimed to be Prince's father, CNN reported.

Thursday's order mentions there are people who were not found to be heirs and are appealing. So right now, nothing will be distributed that could impact what happens with the result of an appeal. And if a higher court makes a different determination, the Carver County judge said he'll weigh those cases too.

If you're really into court documents, you can see all of the public ones related to the Prince estate case here.

It's now been about 13 months since the music superstar died in his Paisley Park home of an accidental fentanyl overdose.

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