Prince estate says it has no plans to sell Paisley Park

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Administrators in charge of Prince's estate have denied that his Paisley Park will be sold, after the Chanhassen studio appeared on a court filing asking a judge permission to sell several of the music legend's properties.

The Bremer Trust issued a statement Saturday saying: "Bremer Trust, the special administrator for the Prince Rogers Nelson estate, has no plans to sell either Paisley Park or the property referred to as the 'Purple Rain' house."

The Associated Press reports that Paisley Park – Prince's home and recording complex – was named on a court filing listing almost 20 properties worth a combined $28 million that could be sold.

Paisley Park was Prince's home and recording studio as well as a concert venue. It was where Prince was found dead in an elevator on April 21.

According to the NME, Prince's brother-in-law revealed he wanted to turn Paisley Park into a tribute museum following his death.

Details of Prince's estate also revealed the "Purple One" had bought the house that featured in his 1984 film "Purple Rain."

The 1913 house where Prince's character "the Kid" lived was bought by Prince, who paid $117,000 cash for the house after it went on the market last year at a listing price of $110,000, according to the Current.

Estately says the home at 3420 Snelling Ave S. was sold on Aug. 24, 2015.

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