Prince sends cease and desist letter to 'Le Petit Prince' puppet maker

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The maker of a pint-sized marionette puppet of Prince is being forced to erase from the Internet a photo series of the Minneapolis-based music legend's most iconic poses, Spin reported.

Seattle-based artist Troy Gua said he will comply with the demands of Prince and erase his photos and videos of the puppet after receiving a cease and desist order from the musician's attorneys.

In a post about the legal action on his Facebook page, Gui wrote, "I simply do not wish to fight with my hero, and it is terribly disheartening to think that he may hold ill will towards me and this project."

Dubbed "Le Petit Prince," the 1:6 scale (approximately 12-inch) puppet resembles Prince right down to his purple wardrobe, except he appears in the guise of the same marionette puppets that were featured in the "Thunderbirds" television series from the 1960s.

Among the videos on Gua's site is a stop-motion animated YouTube video of the puppet doing some of the artist's moves to a Prince-like rhythm.

See the video below.

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