Prince, Sheila E listed among 10 famous duos

How did Prince and Sheila Escovedo meet in 1978, and what did he say to her to launch their enduring professional (and briefly, personal) relationship? Mental Floss has that tale and the backstory of nine other famous musical pairs. Did they leave any out?
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Mental Floss says Prince and a bandmate were so blown away by Sheila E at a 1978 concert that they went up to her and told her that they were just “fighting over which one of [them] would be the first to be [her] husband.”

And she's still got it. Here Sheila E shows off her percussion skills on "The Glamorous Life" in a concert with His Purpleness in Oakland last year:

And going back a bit, check out the duo doing a rocking version of "A Love Bizarre."

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