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Prince streaming is way up now that it's not just on Tidal

People clearly wanted to stream Prince music.

It turns out people really wanted to stream Prince music – just not necessarily on Tidal.

Billboard reports there were 4.77 million on-demand streams of Prince tracks on Feb. 12 and 13, the first two days most of his Warner Bros.-era music showed up on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other major services.

That 4.77 million figure (from Nielsen Music) is up from 74,000 on-demand streams the two days prior.

And that makes total sense. The only place to (legally) stream Prince music before Feb. 12 was Tidal, and that service has an estimated 1 million paid subscribers, Fortune reported. There are some wildly differing accounts of the actual figure though, with Tidal claiming 3 million in 2016, and some outside researchers pegging it at 850,000.

Whatever the actual number, it's a lot less than the 40 million subscribers of Spotify, or the 20 million people paying for Apple Music.

Not all of Prince's music is on these streaming services. It's limited to the albums when he was with Warner Bros., so the start of his career up through the early 1990s, plus a few more recent ones.

The rights to everything after that – and whatever is in the vault – are now owned by Universal Music Group. So those could soon see a wider public release as well.

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