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Prior conviction against alleged stalker principal came as surprise to Lakeville schools

Chris Endicott has been charged with stalking a police detective.

Lakeville Area Public Schools says Century Middle School principal Chris Endicott passed a criminal background check before he was hired, but failed to disclose he'd been convicted of shoplifting in 2016.

Endicott was charged this week with stalking a police detective who was investigating him for stalking an Apple Valley assistant principal and several others.

Allegations laid out in a criminal complaint reveal police believe he may have followed and broke into the home of his alleged stalking victims, stealing their personal belongings including IDs and social security numbers.

The complaint also described Endicott as having "a history with stealing and manipulating identities and banking information," though the only example of this history mentioned in the complaint was a 2016 shoplifting conviction in North Dakota.

Nonetheless, the line begged the question of Lakeville Area Public Schools: How did he manage to become and stay on as Century Middle School principal?

In a statement sent to GoMN, Lakeville Public Schools said that any criminal background Endicott may have didn't exist before he was hired by the school district in 2012.

"When Chris Endicott was hired in 2012, a criminal background check was completed in accordance with Minnesota law and District policy," said Tony Massaros, executive director of administrative services at Lakeville Public Schools. 

"There was no record of any convictions."

Investigators who searched Endicott's home found the paperwork that revealed his shoplifting conviction that came four years after starting his role at the school.

Massaros told GoMN that Endicott did not disclose this conviction, with the school district only learning about it on Thursday when the criminal complaint was released.

Endicott has been suspended from his position since mid-January, when the investigation into his alleged stalking was revealed.

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