Projections expecting another million in the metro area by 2040

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New projections from the Metropolitan Council show that the Twin Cities Metro area could grow by nearly one million people by 2040. The projections were released on Wednesday by the council.

According to the council's forecast changes in demographics, preferences, and travel behavior will lead to stepped-up growth in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and some of the inner ring suburbs, while growth will continue on the developing edge of the region, but not as quickly.

The Associated Press reports that Minneapolis is expected to see a population increase of about 105,000 people and grow by 27 percent, while St. Paul's population is expected to grow by about 19 percent or 54,000 people by 2040.

The council says this is a preliminary forecast based on the best information they have.

The council's forecast is anticipating 41 percent growth in the number of households in the region, a 31 percent gain in population and a 37 percent increase in employment. Officials believe natural growth, births outpacing deaths, will account for the majority of the region's growth in that time.

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