Prom spending on the decline but popping the question is a bigger part of it


If you've never heard the term "promposal," you must not be in high school.

The word was invented to describe the increasingly elaborate methods teenagers devise to ask each other to the prom. And according to Visa's annual survey of prom spending, the average cost of inviting someone to the dance now comes in at $324.

That's more than one-third of total prom spending, which Visa says averages $919 this year. That overall price tag is down 6 percent from a year ago, when average costs fell below the $1,000 threshold.

So what makes promposals expensive?

It's hard to generalize because, as a pair of teens explained to WCCO, creativity and originality are part of the goal, so promposals vary quite a bit.

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Some promposals involve the use of live props, such as a horse:

FOX 9 reported this week on a Waconia teen's use of a goat named Rascal to pop the question.

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One of this spring's most publicized promposals was pulled off by a Long Island teen who enlisted several members of the New York Jets football team to be part of her video invitation.

If you're looking for tips to keep prom night within your family's budget, Visa has a few here and is promoting a smartphone app to help.

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