Proposed state fees would hike variety of costs, from driver's licenses to cell phones


MPR examines some of the new fees and fee increases that are sprinkled in budget bills under consideration in the Minnesota House and Senate.

Democratic leaders and Gov. Mark Dayton aim to hike taxes by about $2.5 billion, and the fees and surcharges would raise perhaps $300 million more, MPR says. Those fee changes would pop up in the everyday lives of Minnesotans in a number of places.

MPR reports that proposals include raising a variety of fees: $3 more for a driver's license, a $5 surcharge on homeowner's and auto insurance policies, a new fee on prepaid cell phones and a $15 surcharge on traffic violations.

Another example: The House environment budget bill raises fees on water, which would translate to bigger bills for municipalities. Lakeville's water fees would go from $45,000 a year to $125,000 a year, City Administrator Steve Mielke said. "The only way we pay for that is to pass the cost on to our water customers," Mielke told MPR.

GOP critics of the fee increases are fighting the proposals. "It's breathtaking in its scope and amount," Republican Rep. Mary Liz Holberg of Lakeville, told MPR.

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MnSCU budget proposal would keep tuition hikes under five percent

Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system will consider a newly-proposed budget Tuesday. It would raise tuition at the two dozen state colleges by 3.7 percent and at the seven universities by 4.4 percent. Officials say shuffling will also allow the hiring of more teachers.

Appeals court hears fight over proposed BWCA cell phone tower

A lower court rejected AT&T's proposal to build a 450-foot tower just outside the BWCA, ruling that the tower would intrude on the federally protected wilderness area. In its appeal the company emphasized the tower would be on privately-owned land outside the BWCA.

New Wisconsin law to ban young drivers from using cell phones

Starting Thursday, drivers with an instruction permit, probationary license or fewer than three years of driving experience will no longer be allowed to use a cell phone while behind the wheel, according to the Fond du Lac Reporter. Violations will cost drivers up to $40 dollars for the first offense and up to $100 for a subsequent offense. Minnesota also bans novice drivers from all cell phone usage while driving in the state.

Wisconsin law bars new drivers from using cell phones

A new law takes effect in Wisconsin on Thursday that bans drivers with an instruction permit or probationary license from “using a cellular or other wireless telephone except to report an emergency.” The law is primarily aimed at teens, whose leading cause of death nationwide is traffic crashes, and distracted driving leads to many of those crashes, public safety officials say.

Senate approves hike in cost of hunting, fishing licenses

Hunters and anglers are leading the campaign to raise the cost of hunting and fishing licenses in Minnesota. If the increase approved by the Senate becomes law, it will raise money to improve fish and wildlife habitat and fight invasive species. But first the Senate must negotiate with the House, who passed a bill containing no fee increase.