Twist changes the focus of testimony in Trevino murder trial


There was a stunning twist in the murder trial of Jeffery Trevino on Friday.

During cross examination of the prosecution's final witness, retired St. Paul Police Sgt. John Wright, Trevino's defense attorney John Conard, shifted the focus to recent drug use by Kira Steger.

Trevino is on trial in the disappearance and killing of Steger, his wife.

The Star Tribune reports, that Conard showed pictures taken by police of marijuana found in Steger's purse, and that Conard questioned Wright if police knew where Steger had gotten the marijuana. Wright said they did not. Further questioning from Conard focused on how often drug dealers and users are robbed.

Wright had been testifying about his two interviews of Trevino during investigation. Wright testified that Trevino had been told by Steger that she was going out with friends, on Feb. 15, the weekend before she was last seen alive. Steger also went out again on Feb. 17.

KSTP TV says that Wright even noted that Trevino asked him twice what he should do with Steger's stuff.

Much of the testimony early in the trial focused on the relationship problems between Steger and Trevino. On the night Steger was last seen alive, the couple had a date night at the Mall of America. Prosecutors allege that at some point that night, Trevino killed Steger.

At this point its unclear if Conard will call any witnesses in Trevino's defense. Trevino is also supposed to decide by Monday if he will take the stand in his own defense.

Conard has focused the case on the forensic evidence, noting that the preliminary tests used by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to test for blood in the home react to other substances, including old stains. Conard also noted that one spot was determined to be nonhuman blood, and that Steger had a dog in the home.

BCA scientists testified that they do not have a lab test that can definitely say whether something is human blood or not.

Testimony in the trial will resume Monday, closing statements could happen as early as Tuesday.

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