Prosecutors focus on Kira Steger's car in murder trial


In the beginning of week two of Jeffery Trevino's murder trial, jurors heard from a security guard and tow truck driver who discovered blood in Kira Steger's car. Steger's former boss, the man she was believed to be having an affair with, also took the stand.

Mall of America security guard Robert Ritchie IV testified Monday that he spotted Steger's Chevrolet Cobalt in a parking ramp the morning of Feb. 25 with a ticket on it dated Feb. 23 3:56 a.m., the Pioneer Press reported. The guard said he also found the car's trunk liner nearby in the snow on an embankment with what appeared to be blood stains.

Ritchie said had got approval from his supervisor to tow the car. He told the responding tow truck driver what he had found, so the two used a kit to pop the trunk where more blood was found.

According to court documents, Mall of America surveillance video shows Steger's Chevy Cobalt enter the parking ramp at 9:45 a.m. on Feb. 22, the morning after the alleged murder. Although it's not clear enough to establish an identity, the video shows a person at the back of the vehicle throw "an item consistent with the trunk liner.”

The person then walked to the Nordstrom’s area and got into an Airport Cab that traveled less than a block away from the Trevino’s home at 570 E. Iowa Avenue.

The taxi driver who made that trip also took the stand Monday, FOX 9 reports. He said he distinctly remembers making a run from the mall to the Payne-Phalen neighborhood the morning of the Feb. 22. The taxi driver told jurors he remembered the lone man was tall and thin, but could not identify him as Trevino.

Jurors were shown images from a neighbor's surveillance video that captured a cab driving by Trevino and Steger's home and a man entering the house wearing clothes similar to those allegedly worn by Trevino in a different surveillance video, KARE 11 said.

FOX 9 says one of that last witnesses to take the stand Monday was Ryan Wendt, the district manager of Delia's where Steger worked. He told jurors that he and Steger had a casual relationship.

Wendt said the last text message he received from Steger was sent at 11:44 p.m. on Feb. 21, the night prosecutors think Steger was killed by Trevino.

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