Prostitutes, johns push back against police in Minneapolis sting


Women accused of prostitution – and the men accused of soliciting them – lashed back at Minneapolis police who were conducting sweeps this week, FOX 9 reports.

As part of the operation, undercover female officers posed as prostitutes, and police in six days arrested 53 men, including two registered sex offenders, FOX reports.

But the johns were irked and did what they could to interrupt the officers' work, even posting photos of them online to warn others, FOX reported. And the "territorial" prostitutes who regularly work where police moved in were mad that someone else was working their turf. Two were arrested on obstruction charges, FOX reported:

St. Paul police conducted their own prostitution sweep this week, and among those arrested was a Canadian lawmaker.

Alberta legislator Mike Allen, 51, has now resigned after the Monday night arrest, the Toronto Star reports. He was in town for a legislative conference.

Minnesota ranked No. 10 among states for prostitution arrests from 2001 to 2010, according to one group that tracks prostitution statistics.

Here's that FOX story:


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