No town halls, so protesters demonstrate at MN congressman's house

Rep. Jason Lewis says he's 'appalled' by the protest.

Unhappy that their member of Congress wouldn't meet them face-to-face, a bunch of constituents concerned about healthcare cuts visited his house instead.

The protesters from TakeAction Minnesota showed up at the Burnsville home of 2nd District Rep. Jason Lewis on Wednesday, and live-streamed the ensuing rally in his front yard when nobody answered the door.

As it turns out, the first-term Republican was out "working in my congressional district," and in a Facebook post denounced the protest, saying he was "appalled to find out my home and private property were invaded" and accusing them of "a dangerous ramping up of rhetoric."

He said his neighbors called him saying their daughters were afraid of the rally, adding that his district office has been on the receiving end of similar demonstrations.

These incidents, he says, "have escalated to the point of causing real concern to my staff and the constituents who desire to speak to them."

He also accused Democrats of encouraging "this wanton disregard of civility" rather than "condemning such threatening behavior."

Protesters: Just talk to us

Along with fellow GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen, Lewis has been under pressure from some constituents to hold a town hall meeting to hear their concerns, amid significant opposition to the healthcare changes being considered at the national level.

It's not the first time protesters have picketed Lewis' house. The Southwest News Media reports a rally was held on his doorstep this past February when he refused to commit to a town hall.

Wednesday's protest concerned Medicaid funding, future cuts to which were being considered as part of the Affordable Care Act repeal/replace bills that ultimately failed in the U.S. Senate.

"It's mean spirited not to provide the safety net society needs to everyone," one of the speakers said. "I urge Congressman Lewis to do the right thing and oppose any cuts to Medicaid."

In response to Lewis' "appalled" statement, a TakeAction Minnesota spokesperson told the Star Tribune he should hold a town hall so constituents can speak to him.

Here's the video TakeAction Minnesota shot outside Lewis's house.

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