Protesters not lovin' the pesticides on potatoes used by McDonald's


On a day when McDonald's is celebrating its new all-day breakfast menu, protesters will be at several of the chain's Minnesota locations.

A group called the Toxic Taters Coalition is peeved about the pesticides put on potatoes.

The Day of Action they've planned includes demonstrations outside golden arches in 11 Minnesota cities and protests in several other states.

Many of those in the group live near potato fields which they feel are sprayed too heavily with pesticides, Forum News Service reports. They say airborne chemicals drift from crop dusters onto neighboring lands, creating a nuisance and a health risk.

The Pesticide Action Network is also part of the protests planned for Tuesday, which Forum News says will include handing out organic potatoes outside McDonald's.

The protest groups tell MPR News their main target is Fargo-based R.D. Offut Co., the world's largest potato producer and a supplier of McDonald's.

The president of that company tells the network farmers couldn't grow enough potatoes to feed large numbers of people without protecting their crops with pesticides.

Early this year, McDonald's released a video with a breakdown of everything that goes into its french fries. Mashable reports the details clarified that the fries are indeed made from real potatoes (squelching rumors to the contrary) but also revealed that they include a host of additives, which drive up the calories and fat.

Fries, by the way, will reportedly be considered a breakfast food at some McDonald's locations – even though they're not listed on the all-day breakfast menu.

BuzzFeed reports that restaurants with a certain kitchen configuration will not be serving hash browns after 10:30 a.m., meaning any Egg McMuffins dished up later in the day at those locatins will come with a side of fries.

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