There's a 'March Against Trump' in Minneapolis Saturday

The march is in honor of Human Rights Day, Dec. 10.

Minnesotans will take to the streets Saturday afternoon to march against President-elect Donald Trump.

The protest is being held in honor of Human Rights Day, a day for people around the world to speak out and stand up for basic human rights. On this day in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The MN Anti-War Committee usually organizes a protest on this day every year, and after the election, members say they felt a need to join the growing movement against Trump. They'll hold a rally and march in Minneapolis to "denounce Trump's agenda of hate and racism," according to a news release.

We’ve heard his beating the drums of war to bomb the Middle East out of existence. We’ve already seen an increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes. We will not stand aside and wait to see what he has in store for this nation, we will be a part of the world’s voice in saying ‘No’ to Trump and we will continue to do so through his whole presidency!" the release says.

The rally at Lake St. and Nicollet Ave. S. starts at 1 p.m., followed by a march that will conclude with an indoor rally at All God’s Children Church at Park & 31st.

Nearly 3,000 people are interested in going, the event's Facebook page says.

The protest has been endorsed by several local human rights groups, including Natives Lives Matter, Young Muslim Collective, MN Immigrant Rights Action Committee, Veterans for Peace, Black Lives Matter Saint Paul, and the MN Peace Action Coalition.

Meanwhile, Trump will be at the game

The Donald plans to attend the annual Army-Navy game on Saturday, the Star Tribune reported.

Trump tweeted about going to the game "as a show of support for our Armed Forces."

The President-elect has been on a post-election “Thank You Tour” as of late, making appearances in battleground states.

He'll make his way to Wisconsin on Tuesday, where a recount of nearly 4 million ballots is in the home stretch.

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