In Minneapolis, abused puppy near death when rescued

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WCCO has the story of a puppy rescued by officers of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control just hours before he likely would have died.

The 4-month-old pit bull was on the streets during last week's cold snap. Officer Jacob Young said the dog was picked up in minus-25 degree temperatures. The puppy was emaciated, with cigar burns all over his body. He also had a serious infection on his face.

“These are injuries that are not consistent with dog fighting,” Young said. "They’re injuries consistent with human abuse to a dog.”

MACC staff named the pup Jarvis.

“It absolutely is hard to see,” Young said. “But he’s still a just a very lovable, playful pup.”

Staff at MACC will help Jarvis recover from the infection and regain muscle strength. They plan to place him in a recovery home until he can be adopted. They said he would make a wonderful pet in an adoptive home.

Young said MACC takes in about one abused dog a week. He urged anyone aware of an abused animal to report it to 311.

The pup's rescue follows other heartwarming stories of animal rescues during the cold snap, including the tale of a dog that was nursing her puppies outdoors near Winona during the deep freeze. The dog and three pups were saved.

The website of Minneapolis Animal Control has a list of abandoned dogs ready for adoption.

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