Puppy goes to Target, Internet goes nuts

Is this an adorable candid or blatant disrespect?

Any diehard Target lover will fully understand the look of pure, absolute joy on this dog's face.

Zira, a four month-old Corgi and mini Australian Shepard mix, appears to have had the time of her life on her first shopping trip to the land of red carts and tidy aisles.

Her human captured her reaction and posted the photos to social media on Wednesday, where they quickly went viral.

Fellow Target fans found Zira's enthusiasm all too relatable. 

"This is legit me in Target. Any aisle. Pick an aisle." one user wrote. "Me every time I buy another candle at Target." another quipped.

A few people responded with pictures of their own pets at Target.

Wait, are dogs allowed in Target?

The photos led many to question whether dogs are allowed in the stores, or how the heck Zira went unnoticed.

One Twitter user claimed that her local Target was dog-friendly.

Still, others were concerned that Zira riding in the cart was unsanitary (especially when groceries are considered) and argued that only service animals should be allowed at Target.

"This dog is super cute, but bringing dogs into Target isn't okay. In fact, it's illegal," one woman wrote on Zira's Facebook page. 

She went on to say: 

"It makes it crazy hard for service dogs to do their job. If there's one dog in the store that isn't trained to the nines, that dog could distract the working dog from doing its job. ... Regular pets don't have public access for a reason. The employees might not say anything, but that doesn't make it okay. Target is not dog friendly!"

GoMN did not get an immediate reply from Target to clarify its pet/dog policy.

We did touch base with Zira's owner, who said this:

"The reason we initially took her in is because we've seen other dogs at our local Target and multiple pictures of other corgis at Target on Instagram. We've taken Zira into our local store twice now, and all the employees who notice her just ask about her breed and ask to pet her."

The owner said she's not aware of her particular store's policies, but that since the employees seem to welcome Zira, she doesn't see it as a problem to bring the dog in.

"If we hear otherwise, we'll definitely stop bringing her in," she said.

She also wanted to note that she always brings a towel from home and puts it down in the cart – whether at Petsmart or Target – so that Zira isn't coming into direct contact with the bottom of the cart.

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