Puppy mill suspect told to pay $90K to care for labs he allegedly mistreated

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A man suspected of operating a puppy mill has been landed with a $90,000 bill to cover the cost of dozens of dogs he is accused of mistreating.

The Red Wing Republican Eagle reports that Pierce County are now the legal owners of every yellow Labrador seized from Stuart West's home in Elmwood, Wisconsin during a raid in April.

West, 68, is facing 117 animal-related criminal charges for running a suspected puppy mill, where is accused of providing poor ventilation, improper housing and failing to feed the dogs.

The Pioneer Press reports West was told on Friday he will have to pay $87,962 to pay for the dogs' continuing care at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, the newspaper notes.

The dog breeder will also have to pay $20 per day for the next month for every dog that isn't adopted or euthanized, and will be responsible for any of the dogs' offspring.

It was reported in April that the labradors the puppy mill were found living in “small, filthy travel crates” with no access to food or water. Numerous dead animals were also found at the facility.

The Humane Society made an appeal in April for people to donate shredded paper which they could use to care for the dogs.

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