Queen Elizabeth's own whisky fetches princely sum in St. Paul auction


Judging by the price it fetched (and its regal origins), this is the kind of whisky its owner will undoubtedly be drinking with his or her pinky out.

A bottle of fine Scottish malt straight from Queen Elizabeth II's collection at Buckingham Palace sold for $50,000 in an auction at St. Paul's RiverCentre this past weekend, according to a Facebook update from Regions Hospital, whose burn center will get the proceeds from the sale.

The bottle of Bowmore Whisky is from a cask her majesty received on a visit to the distillery in 1980. Since the stuff was bottled in 2002, the Queen has given away three bottles to charity each year.

The specimen sold at the Wine Auction on Saturday is actually one of two bottles the burn center managed to procure, thanks to the efforts of the auction's co-chair, Sarah Bazey (who also happens to be a former patient of the facility).

"We are so grateful to so many different people,” said Regions Hospital Foundation Executive Director Keevan Kosidowski in the Facebook announcement. “To have whisky donated from Buckingham Palace and now to be able to sell one of the bottles at $50,000 – this money will directly impact patient care at the Regions Hospital Burn Center.”

The identity of the lucky bidder has not been revealed, but we can tell you that (other than the fact that they really, really love whisky) he or she is "the first American to own one of the commemorative bottles."

Want your shot at some of the Queen's private collection? The second Bowmore bottle will go on the block at Bonham’s international auction house in New York in November.

By the way, according to an original press release on the auctions, the bottles were valued somewhere around $65,000 each – so $50,000 could be considered a (still very expensive) steal.

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