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Quick Bite: 3 news stories to get you caught up over lunch


Man gives ‘wet Willy’ to Mankato police officer, gets jail time

You’ve heard of the nasty trick called the "wet Willy?" Turns out licking your fingers and poking them in someone’s ears can be a felony. At least when the recipient is a police officer. When bars closed early Saturday, a man, who thought it would be funny, gave a Mankato police officer a "wet Willy." He was arrested and sentenced to jail time after pleading guilty. Assaulting a police officer which includes the transfer of bodily fluids is a felony.

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Dozens cited for ‘incivility’ during U of M homecoming

About 60 people were cited by police during the three day homecoming celebration at the University of Minnesota. University police issued citations for what’s termed “incivility charges,” including rowdy disturbances and public drunkenness on campus and nearby neighborhoods. Police say at least 10 students were hospitalized due to alcohol-related medical problems over the weekend.

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Cyber security experts in Minneapolis as data breach concerns rise

The nation’s top cyber security experts are descending on Minneapolis this week after a year of high-profile data protection failures that have affected millions of consumers. The conference begins today. There’s plenty of demand for those working on ways to make digital transactions safer. Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who now leads a banking group, estimates that half of adult Americans have had personal data exposed in some way during the past year.

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