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Quick Bite: 3 stories to read over lunch


Flood damage estimate ticks up to $48M

Cost estimates of flood damage to Minnesota’s public facilities and infrastructure grew from $32 million to $48 million over just the past two days – and authorities expect that number to continue rising.

Read more about which counties have the highest damage totals so far here.

Best places to watch Minnesota fireworks

Let's face it, some fireworks displays are better than others. We put together a list of the prettiest pyrotechnics in the state.

Check 'em out here.

Study: Dark chocolate helps older walkers

Um, what? Italian researchers have found that after eating dark chocolate, older people who normally had trouble walking because of a condition that restricts blood flow to the legs could walk longer and farther than they could before.

So grab some dark chocolate, and stroll over here to read more.

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