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Possible sighting shifts search for Ty Hoffman to Mystic Lake Casino area

The search for accused murderer Lyle “Ty” Hoffman continued Wednesday as helicopters and law enforcement officials swarmed the area near Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake. Authorities say a possible sighting led to the search. Officials have said Hoffman – suspected in a bank robbery Sunday – is known to gamble and enjoys playing blackjack. He's suspected of killing Boston Scientific executive Kelly Phillips last month.

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Armed robbers steal $10K from craft beer booth at State Fair

Armed robbers hit the Minnesota Craft Beer booth at the State Fair on Friday night, getting away with more than $10,000 in cash. Reports say thieves tied up two people who had been working in the booth. The thieves crept in when the building was closed to the public and the staff was preparing for the next day’s business. Police officials say the armed robbery is the first of its kind at the State Fair.

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Severe threat today includes slight risk of winds, hail, tornadoes

A “slight risk” of severe weather is expected across Minnesota later today. Strong winds, large hail, even isolated tornadoes are possible by tonight, BringMeTheNews meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta says. The Twin Cities will carry the threat of thunderstorms starting in the afternoon. However, the best chance of strong storms appears to be from 5-10 p.m.

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