Quick look at who's won in Minnesota


Here is a quick rundown of the outcomes of the major Minnesota races in the 2014 midterm elections. You can check for additional results on the Minnesota Secretary of State's results website.


Incumbent: Mark Dayton (DFL)

Challengers: Jeff Johnson (R), Hannah Nicollet (Independence), Chris Holbrook (Libertarian), Chris Wright (Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis).

WINNER: Gov. Mark Dayton

US Senate

Incumbent: Al Franken (D)

Challengers: Mike McFadden (R), Steve Carlson (Independence), Heather Johnson (Libertarian).

WINNER: Sen. Al Franken

Congress, 1st District

Incumbent: Tim Walz (D)

Challenger: Jim Hagedorn (R)

WINNER: Rep. Tim Walz

Congress, 2nd District

Incumbent: John Kline (R)

Challengers: Mike Obermueller (D), Paula Overby (Independence)

WINNER: Rep. John Kline

Congress, 3rd District

Incumbent: Erik Paulsen (R)

Challenger: Sharon Sund (D).

WINNER: Rep. Erik Paulsen

 Congress, 4th District

Incumbent: Betty McCollum (D)

Challengers: Sharna Walhgren (R), Dave Thomas (Independence).

WINNER: Rep. Betty McCollum

 Congress, 5th District

Incumbent: Keith Ellison (D)

Challengers: Doug Saggett (R), Lee Bauer (Independence).

WINNER: Rep. Keith Ellison

Congress, 6th District

Incumbent: Michelle Bachmann (R) – not seeking re-election

Challengers: TomEmmer (R), Joe Perske (D), John Denney (Independence)

WINNER: Tom Emmer

Congress, 7th District

Incumbent: Collin Peterson (D)

Challenger: Torrey Westrom (R).

WINNER: Rep. Collin Peterson

Congress, 8th District

Incumbent: Rick Nolan (D)

Challengers: Stewart Mills (R), Ray “Skip” Sandman (Green).

WINNER: Rep. Rick Nolan

Attorney General

Incumbent: Lori Swanson (DFL)

Challengers: Scott Newman (R), Andy Dawkins (Green), Brandon Borgos (Independence), Mary O’Connor (Libertarian), Dan Vacek (Independent)

WINNER: Lori Swanson

Secretary of State

Incumbent: Mark Ritchie (DFL) – not seeking re-election

Challengers: Dan Severson (R),Steve Simon (DFL), Bob Helland (Independence), Bob Odden (Libertarian)

WINNER: Steve Simon

State Auditor

Incumbent: Rebecca Otto (DFL)

Challengers: Randy Gilbert (R), Pat Dean (Independence), Keegan Iverson (Libertarian), Judith Schwartzbacher (Grassroots).

WINNER: Rebecca Otto

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